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Earn Cash

Earn cash rewards from all your spending with both of our online and local merchants.

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Share & Earn More

Share the program with your friends and family and earn even more rewards from their spending.

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Double Rewrds

We will double your cash rewards if you spend these rewards back with any of our merchants.

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Quadruple Rewrds

As if that wasn’t enough will double your G2X double rewards or 4 times the cash for $50 annual membership.

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Keep It Simple & Shop

  • —Join the Club
  • —Share with friends
  • —Go Shopping
  • —Earn Big Rewards
  • —Enjoy a Better Life
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Here is the cycle of spending and rewards earning

When a member spends money with any of our participating local merchants, GRATZII receives a marketing fee. We return this marketing fee to out customers in the form of rewards. These rewards are recycled back with any of the merchants and not just the merchants which the reward was earned. Refer members to the club and you will earn even more rewards from that spending.

Pay with our mobile app

Pay with our mobile app to easily earn and spend rewards at participating stores.

Online store

Check out our store online AnuWay2Shop.com. Here you will find our online mall where many of our merchants have posted thier products for sale. Here you can earn and spend your rewards. You can also buy discounted gift cards and deal vouchers to spend with our merchants.

Gratzii Card

The Gratzii Card is coming soon. With it, you will have a prepaid MasterCard where you can send your cash back rewards and spend that money anywhere you like. You will also be able to use this card to earn rewards at participating merchants.


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